4 Ways to Improve Working Memory

ways to improve your memory
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Improve Your Working Memory with these tips

Before your memory gets to the point of no return, before you are diagnosed with illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s, you can proactively start to improve your working memory on your own. Improving this memory does not mean that you will absolutely avoid these types of diagnoses, but being proactive may actually prolong the onset of these types of illnesses and issues. More importantly, working to improve your working memory may actually work as a partial treatment to memory issues or cognitive function illnesses. And, these techniques do not have to be medical or ingested in any way. You may actually improve your working memory just by using your mind differently.


One way to improve your working memory is to challenge your brain to work differently. Games are a great way to accomplish this task.  For instance, memory games, such as ‘go fish” and “memory” challenge you mind to recall information it was shown only a few moments earlier.  This is a wonderful way to increase and improve short term memory.  For long term memory, games such as crossword puzzles and seek-and-finds, among others provide wonderful brain workouts. They force you to recall information your brain may have absorbed hours to years before. Our brains do not typically function in the manner in which these types of games require.  As a result, it is truly a workout for the brain, forcing them to access information that may otherwise lay dormant and eventually forgotten.


Another important piece to improving working brain function is to include daily exercise of your body in your routine. Exercise increases your oxygen levels and blood flow throughout your body, including the paths to and from the brain.  As you provide a clear pathway for oxygen and blood to flow to and from the brain, you will notice you actually have a clearer head, in which you are able to think more freely and clearly. Moreover, staying healthy and exercising regularly decreases your risk of any type of blood related brain injury, such as a stroke.

Healthy Life Style

Aside from regular exercise, and overall healthy lifestyle is essential to improving your working brain function.  This includes eating properly while getting enough Vitamin D and Omega3 in your diet as well as great sleep habits.  Your body uses both food and sleep to help regenerate lost cells and rejuvenate the brain. If either is lacking, your brain may risk deterioration in the long run. People who are sleep deprived are often also suffering from some sort of memory loss (Think “Mommy Brain). IN addition, people who eat poorly will soon learn that memory is slipping.


Finally, many studies have shown that music is essential to increased brain functionality.  Music forces your brain to work on a different level and process what it hears and sees quite differently than any other art form. Many people even use music to create mnemonic devices to help them remember important data for the long term. Listening to music, alone, can help you improve your overall working brain function, be it long or short term memory and general learning abilities.

While these are simple and rather basic tips to help improve your memory, sometimes it only takes enough little things to add up to a big difference.

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