Brain Plus IQ CNN? 3 Reasons Not to Buy Brain Plus IQ

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So there’s been a popular trend lately going around the internet. It’s called Brain Plus IQ. Now you may have seen Brain Plus IQ on CNN, or another credible site such as Forbes, and are searching for a little more information before making a purchase. Maybe you just want to see if the claims of “Viagra for the brain” are really true.

So what is Brain Plus IQ?

Brain Plus IQ claims to be an all natural nootropic that can boost memory, focus, and concentration. These nootropics are often referred to as “smart drugs” and have become increasingly popular since the movie Limitless was released. In the movie, Bradley Cooper stars as a man who is given a pill that allows him to reach his highest levels of cognitive function. While there are pills and supplements that may be able to increase or enhance cognitive function, keep in mind Limitless is a movie so Bradley’s particular results may be a little far-fetched. The good news is that most of us just want a little boost in our memory and concentration, and that may be attainable.

But first let’s get back to the topic at hand, cause it’s a good one….Brain Plus IQ.

Here’s 3 Reasons You Should be Skeptical of Brain Plus IQ

1. Shady Marketing

So there you were scrolling through your Facebook news feed when you saw an ad about a pill that makes a man go from homeless to Harvard. Assuming you clicked that ad, you were most likely taken to a web page that looks like either Forbes, CNN, or even Discovery. There’s a story, or “advertorial” about a product called Brain Plus IQ.

I included a few screenshots so you can see the different sites the story was on.

Brain Plus IQ on Discovery









brain plus iq on cnn







Seeing those familiar logos of big brands we know leads you to believe that you’re on a credible site. The problem is, these sites aren’t actually owned by CNN, Forbes, etc. The domain name would look like or, instead, the promoters of the product use domains with a website name similar to the authority name their mimicking.

Take a look at the image up top of what looks like the Discovery channel’s website. If you look in the URL box you’ll notice it actually says “” instead of, however they have the same logo. Also, if you look at the menu and all the links such as “tv schedules, games, topics”, they all lead to the same place. Yep, you guessed it, to the Brain Plus IQ order page.

So whether or not you consider this a shady marketing tactic, or simply ingenious, we’re just giving you the information to form your own opinion.

Another thing to keep in mind is this…

2. Secret Ingredients

Well the only thing we know is that the formula Brain Plus IQ uses is known as a “phosphatidylserine complex”. That means that it’s some form of a combination of ingredients that include phosphatidylserine.

We don’t actually know how much phosphatidylserine is included in each capsule of Brain Plus IQ. It could be a pharmaceutical strength dose, or maybe barely anything at all.

Typically, a manufacturer would advertise their dosage information with nootropics. With Brain Plus IQ opting not to list its exact ingredients and amount, we really don’t know what we’re getting.

We do know that Brain Plus IQ ingredients are assembled in an FDA GMP facility and a certified laboratory…well, according to them.

The fact that the manufacturer of Brain Plus HQ is so secretive about its ingredients suggests that they’re hiding something – like low dosages or low-quality ingredients.

3. Sole Seller

When it comes to sales and generating revenue for a product, you want to utilize as many channels as possible. Currently, the only place you can purchase Brain Plus IQ is from their website Brain Plus IQ. You can’t find it anywhere else. This isn’t a tell tale sign that there is something shady going on, but it does raise an eyebrow. Oh, and the company is registered in Singapore if that makes any difference.

So what’s the verdict on Brain Plus IQ?

Not particularly a fan due to the reasons stated above. If it were just one thing, maybe take a chance or give the benefit of the doubt. When there’s three things that make you go hmmmmm then you might want to think about another product.

Here are two products that may be an alternative to Brain Plus IQ and can help you increase focus, enhance your cognitive function, and boost mental clarity.

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