Are Cognitive Enhancement Supplements Safe?

are cognitive enhancers safe
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Over the last few years, cognitive enhancement drugs or supplements, also know as “smart drugs”, have become increasingly popular. Since the release of the movie “Limitless”, many people have been attracted to cognitive enhancers and the thought of having a better memory, increased concentration, and enhanced productivity.

cognitive enhancement drugsIt’s no secret that today, it’s a little easier to get distracted with all of the technology surrounding us. From social media, YouTube, various other websites and mobile apps, we spend less of our time being productive and more of it scrolling down a news feed or watching next related video in the sidebar.

For someone who needs to stay on task and not get lost in the digital universe, cognitive enhancers may provide some benefits that will increase your focus.

Are Cognitive Enhancement Drugs Safe?

The answer to that questions is still in the air depending on who you ask. While certain cognitive enhancers are FDA approved, others may not carry the official seal of approval. Then again, the FDA approves all sorts of things that aren’t healthy to put into your body so due diligence in any decision is your best bet. In addition, since the new “smart drug” trend has only been around a few years, there isn’t enough data to determine any long term side effects from taking the types of pills.

If you are thinking of taking any cognitive enhancing pills, be sure to look into the ingredients. Your best bet is to look for something that contains natural ingredients instead of chemicals that can lead to problems down the road. There are natural cognitive enhancers that are made up of a combination of natural ingredients that can be found in plants. Throughout history, certain plants and fruits have been known and used for there many health benefits from aloe vera and its skin healing treatments, to the recent “public” discovery of coconut oil’s benefits to the body. Many researchers believe ginkgo biloba has the potential to treat Alzheimer’s diseaseĀ and other age related illnesses. They say that by the blood thinning, it allows more to flow to the brain.

If carrots are full of vitamin C, and grapes are packed with antioxidants, bananas are a good source of potassium, and milk thistle helps the liver function, why wouldn’t there be natural herbs that can also help the functionality and awareness of the brain?

If certain natural ingredients can have cognitive enhancing properties, then why not use them instead of the synthetic chemicals?

I’ll let you decide.

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