Cognitive Enhancing Drugs – Do They Work?

cognitive enhancing drugs
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Smart drugs and cognitive enhancing drugs are popular these days, but before I answer the question of whether they work or not, it’s best to clear up some confusion.

There’s been a lot of talk lately around brain enhancing drugs also known as “smart drugs” since movies like Limitless were released. Not only that, you add the growing trend of nootropics and it can start to get a little overwhelming for someone who just wants to increase their mental awareness. These brain supplements can help give you the “boost” you need to accomplish tasks that require extended hours of focus, however like all things there are pros and cons to everything. Below, I’ll touch on a couple of the benefits and also the drawbacks of using nootropics.

Pros and Cons of Cognitive Brain Enhancers

Cognitive brain enhancers are sweeping the country as college students, scientists, and even Wall Street Brokers are looking for way to give themselves a leg up on the competition. The question, however, is whether they actually make a difference for the better. Drugs commonly prescribed for diagnosed issues with memory or sleep are being sold on the black market or internet to help improve everyone’s brain activity. However, if misused, many of these drugs can cause a much more serious problem than not having the willpower to study or invest.


If you have been diagnosed with a disorder that requires cognitive brain enhancers, you are in luck. There are several prescriptions on the market that provide amazing results. For instance, those suffering from ADD or ADHD have the option of drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall to help calm the brain and enhance its overall function. These drugs help those in need concentrate for extended periods of time and avoid distractions that can otherwise overpower the brain, causing work to be avoided and frustration to set in. Other drugs, such as modafinil, are used for sleep issues. If taken as prescribed, they can help a person stay awake and battle the sleep disorders.  The common thread with the pros to any of these drugs is the idea that they must be taken as prescribed or recommended to be effective.  However, if they are taken in that way, they can work wonders for the users.


Unfortunately, the cons are numerous for these types of drugs, especially considering many are taken without a prescription to simply help boost energy and perceived brain activity. When they are taken without a medical need, they may have an adverse effect on the patient, or provide the opposite of the desired effect. For instance, if a person without ADHD takes Ritalin, they will find themselves in an extreme hyper state, unable to properly function and concentrate.

Another issue with these drugs is they are not only very addictive, they lose their effectiveness quickly, causing the users to take a higher dose to achieve the desired cognitive ability. This is a pattern seen with illegal drugs time and time again, which leads to overdoses and other mental issues.

Finally, many of these drugs either need a prescription to be purchased or can only be purchased online. As a result, there is no way to truly regulate what is being ingested or even purchased, and the costs can get quite expensive.

The Conclusion?

In the end, there are numerous options for increasing cognitive brain activity without resorting to drugs. Increasing brain activity, herbal supplements, and even dietary supplements in your daily routine will have a much more positive affect on your cognitive brain activity that is much more dependable that purchasing drugs through an online source. However, if you truly have a medial need that has been proven to improve with the use of these drugs, they can be beyond beneficial to help repair what is truly broken.





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