Here are some tips to improve concentration 

improve your concentrationHave you been struggling to concentrate? You can actually learn some tips to improve your concentration in this article. Often times, difficulty concentrating is due to the struggle in your brain to focus on the task at hand. It should be about what’s important and what’s not.  You know you have to focus on your task to get it done, but your mind is focusing on what a perfect day it would be to go to the beach, fishing, or basketball or whatever.

 Which one will you decide

First of all, everything you heard about getting a good night sleep, eat right, exercise… are all in fact helpful toward improving concentration.  Getting a good night sleep refreshes you and allows your body to relax and recover.  When you wake up, it’s important to provide healthy fuel to your body to get the metabolism going for the day and get those neurotransmitters ready for action. Studies also show that a moderate level of exercise is good for increasing attention and recall.  So allow yourself a brisk walk around the block if you can before your task.  Your brain is at its peak level of awareness at 11:00am (depending upon when you wake up). In would help to center any challenging tasks around that time of morning. 

Now with those general rules for attention, let’s focus on concentration. 

To show how strong concentration can be, I will ask you a question.  Have you ever been driving, pull into your driveway, and not remember driving home?  But yet somehow you got there.  Were you concentrating?  Our brain can essentially go into auto-mode. It’s a very powerful tool. 

If you have to do something very important and it requires serious concentration, try to do it in a familiar place.  When you are comfortable in your surroundings, it will improve your concentrate.  You have fewer distractions and are more relaxed because everything is familiar to you. 

I know this one might be difficult to do with others around you, but talking to yourself has been proven to be a good way to focus and problem solve under difficult circumstances.  By verbalizing a problem, you can hear yourself and focus not only on the task, but also on what is spoken.  It allows much more clarity when you hear yourself work through a problem.

how to improve concentrationAnother tip to improve concentration is an easy one.  Just take a break.  Breaking the monotony of extended periods of focus is important. You can take a short stroll, do some stretching, and get a drink of water if you need to. You will come back refreshed and ready to hit it hard.

Also, try to find a quiet place to work.  If you are in an environment with other people, try to isolate yourself as much as possible.  It can be very difficult to block out noise when we have no control over it.  But if the noise is familiar, it should not be too difficult to block out. 

Food-PyramidFinally, there are also foods to improve concentration. These “brain foods” like blueberries, oatmeal, nuts, and salmon have all been shown to increase cognitive function.  Adding a little change to our diet is another beneficial way to increase our recall and process information. 

Concentration is mind over matter.  Before you start working, studying, writing, etc. try to get a good night of sleep, eat a hearty breakfast, and maybe fit in some exercise.  When you are working on your improving  concentration,  remember to stop a couple of times to take a walk, get some fresh air, and maybe some water, eliminate distractions and you should feel that concentrating is a little easier.