Top 5 Nootropics Available Online – Brain Enhancing Drugs List

Top nootropics available online
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The Top 5 Nootropics That You Can Find! 

Nootropics encompass a number of cognitive brain activity aids, from herbal supplements, to dietary supplements, to brain activities, to even prescription drugs. Some nootropics are more prevalent and even more useful than others. If a prescription medication is required, there are specific medicines that could and should be used that will often provide the best results. However, for those not in need of a medical prescription, but who want a little help to increase their brain function, there is help. And some supplements are better than others to help overall brain activity.  Below are the top 5 nootropics available today.

  1. Anitacetam

Anxiety, stress, and fatigue can negatively affect your brain function. These triggers actually work against your AMPA receptors that control Glutamate. However, anitacetam can help reverse this negative reaction to these triggers, allowing your brain to function normally despite negative factors. Furthermore, it has been shown that Anitacetam actually can and will increase creativity and innovation.


  1. Choline

Sleep is essential to brain activity. The brain needs sleep to rejuvenate and refresh.  Yet, people, especially those whotop nootropics help get more sleep work hard and are often creative, suffer from sleep disorders, wherein they cannot get to sleep or cannot fall into a truly restful sleep. While the body actually produces choline on its own, most people do not truly make enough to sustain our current lifestyles. Adding the supplement of Choline can truly help a person reach REM sleep which provides exponential benefits to cognitive brain activity.


  1. Sulbutiamine

Serotonin, Dopamine, and ACH are hormones that regulate emotions, while allowing a person to have more overall control of his or her own body. This translates to willpower. Nootropics, in general, are willpower enhancers because they all, in some way, affect these hormones. However, B1, or its derivative Sulbutiamine, is well known to boost these hormones effectively and efficiently to provide willpower that is necessary to study, invent, or work through the night.


  1. Pramiracetam

Brain communication is the center of the whole entire learning and memory process. Improved brain communication requires increased neurotransmitter activity. Pramiracetam provides this very function, allowing the brain, as a whole, to work more efficiently. These types of nootropics are supplements that can be used instead of ADD medicines like Adderall, such as ginkgo biloba.


  1. Pyritinol

nootropics increase neurotransmitter activity

Health of the brain is not a quick fix and often require long term care and treatment.  Anti-oxidants are useful
resources to help improve health throughout the entire body, and the brain is no different.  Pyritinol is a nootropic that provided these long-term anti-oxidant effects that improve brain activity, especially during times of extended work, like studying for exams or finalizing a BETA phase for a new tech project.


These are just a few of the nootropics available for increasing daily brain activity. While there are numerous options on the market that can help provide some of these effects as well as some that have not even been discussed, it is important to utilize a trusted resource to obtain these supplements and utilize them as directed for peak cognitive performance.

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